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Cabled Poncho pattern

  • Cabled Poncho pattern

Suitable for those who have knitted cables before, or wish to learn!

This poncho is knitted from top down. This enables you to easily decide the preferred length of your final garment. Some may want longer and some may want shorter than the instructions given.

Aran weight wool for adult size, or 4-ply weight for children. The two photographed examples are in Sheepfold’s Cormo aran wool (grey) and WYS Signature 4 ply wool (green).

Approx 750-800g of aran (adult), or 200g of 4-ply (child).
Additional wool will be required if you prefer a longer length garment.

One set of 4.5 mm double ended needles and a 4.5 mm circular needle, ideally 80 cm in length, for aran weight yarn. 3.25mm double ended needles and 3.25 mm circular needle for 4-ply weight yarn. Cable needle.

Also needed:
One stitch marker

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