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Hand-in-Hand — Children's Sweater

  • Hand-in-Hand — Children\'s Sweater
  • Hand-in-Hand — Children\'s Sweater
  • Hand-in-Hand — Children\'s Sweater

This yoked sweater starts by knitting four pieces which are then joined together and knitted in the round for the yoke and neck. The design features a row of friends, hand-in-hand, all around the contrast yoke. Instructions are given for two sizes: 5 to 6 years and 7 to 8 years and sufficient wool is provided for the larger size. It is a relaxed fit garment, with a wide neck for added comfort, and is ideal for wearing over a shirt, t-shirt or polo neck top.

The sweater is knitted with Manx Loaghtan DK pure wool, with the contrast pattern and bands in Sheepfold’s Corriedale/Manx Loaghtan DK pure wool. The contrast patterns are presented both charted and written, so you can use whichever your prefer! The kit contains 350g Manx Loaghtan DK wool and 50g Corriedale / Manx Loaghtan DK wool — sufficient for the larger sized sweater.

To knit this children’s sweater you will need a pair each of 3.25mm needles and 4mm needles, plus either a set of 4mm double-pointed needles or a 4mm circular needle. Note that the number of stitches in the yoke is not large, being a children’s sweater; this may help you decide whether to use dpns or circular!

downloadable pattern is also available if preferred.

Hand-in-Hand Children's Sweater kit


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